Check Out SC

Check Out SC is a partnership between the South Carolina State Library and South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) to encourage patrons to take advantage of public spaces, specifically state parks, and reap the benefits of spending more time outdoors.

Each public library may acquire at least one Check Out SC pack.  Larger counties may have up to 30 backpacks for patrons to check out. Each pack includes one branded backpack, a Statewide Park Passport provided by SCPRT that allow patrons free day-entry into any South Carolina state park, and, for discovering nature, one pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass.

Park pass
Magnifying glass

Cataloguing and Check Out Procedure Recommendations


How long is the circulation period for the backpacks/passes?
We recommend 7 days, but encourage you to determine what’s best for your library

Can we, or do we have to, allow holds on the backpacks?
Your library can decide whether or not to allow holds

Can we charge an overdue fine if a backpack isn’t returned on time? If so, how much?
Yes, your library may charge overdue fines per your library’s policy

May we charge our patrons for replacement costs of lost or damaged items?
Yes, if you intend to replace them. It’s also possible that the SCSL may have some replacement items. You may refer to your local policy


May our library add a barcode and/or our library name, logo, and/or address to the backpack?
Yes, this is recommended. The materials are part of your permanent collection and we encourage you to process them for tracking however best works for you locally.  

Is a cataloging record available?
The OCLC record is 1141870296. Non-SCLENDS libraries may make whatever local changes once the record is in their system. For questions, please contact Sarah Pettus at

Backpack Contents

May our library add additional materials to the backpack?
Yes. You’ll just need to adjust the MARC cataloging record accordingly and track those items as part of the check in/out process.

What if an item in the backpack—or the entire backpack—gets damaged or lost?
Please contact Jennifer Jean at in the event the park pass is lost. Your library may be responsible for replacing additional lost items (though the paper-based items are supplied free of charge while supplies last)

Come Out and Play - SC State Parks

With more than 80,000 acres of protected lands stretching from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sand dunes of the Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina state parks protect some of the most inviting natural, cultural and recreational destinations in the country. 

Discover stunning forested mountains and towering waterfalls, blackwater rivers and scenic inland lakes, white sand beaches and ancient inland shores, treasured American historic sites and priceless cultural treasures.