Circulating Kits

The South Carolina State Library Circulating Kits contain everything you need to host a library program.

These kits are intended for hands-on interaction for all ages, although some kits are more appropriate for certain age groups. We offer over 100 circulating kits for libraries to use that include Legos, Kitchen-in-a-Box, Board Games, DIY Escape Rooms, Bilingual Storytimes, Virtual Reality, Let’s Talk About It book kits, and many more.

Featured Kits

Reserving a Kit

Reserve a Kit

See available kits with descriptions and instructions, and make a reservation via our Equipment Booking Catalog. Kit reservations may be made up to 90 days in advance. Each user may have up to 2 kits checked out at one time.

1. Click the Reserve a Kit button above.

2. To find a kit you may click the Category dropdown at the top of the page. This allows you to view kits in a specific category or you may search for a specific kit in the search box.

Step 2 of Reserve a Kit

3. Choose the kit you want to reserve.

4. Clicking on Availability takes you to the dates that the kit is available.

Step 4 of Reserve a Kit

5. Clicking on More details gives you a detailed description of the kit. It also gives you a full view of additional kits in the category that are available to reserve.

Step 5 of Reserve a Kit

6. Select the date you would like to check out the kit by clicking the Go To Date button in the upper left corner, then click the available date on the grid. 

Step 6 of Reserve a Kit

Note: Reservations can be made up to 90 days out.

Grid color key:

  • Green: kit is available to reserve
  • Yellow: shows your pending reservation
  • Red: kit is not available to reserve

Green, Yellow, Red color bar.

7. Click the Add to Cart button. The loan period for all circulating kits is two week with the exception of book club sets, which is up to six months.

Step 7 of Reserve a Kit

You can change the loan period to a shorter period of time, but cannot change the loan period to exceed the maximum time period.

8. Once you are ready to reserve the kits in your "cart," click the Cart / Checkout button at the top right of the page. 

Step 8 of Reserve a Kit

9. You'll be prompted to read and accept the terms and conditions by clicking on Continue.

Step 9 of Reserve a Kit

10. Fill out your contact info and click Submit my Booking to complete the reservation.

Step 10 of Reserve a Kit

You will receive two emails: one when the reservation is made and the other when the reservation has been accepted.

Please allow up to 24 hours after receiving the first email to confirm the reservation.

We encourage teachers and school media specialists to utilize the circulating kits by working with their closest public library. You may make a reservation under your name and contact info, but due to courier restrictions, the kits can only be delivered to South Carolina public library locations. You are responsible for communicating with library staff about kit reservations.

To reserve for school use:

  • Contact your local public library and ask who is the contact person for circulating kits.
  • Reserve the kit with your name and contact info.
  • Select "School" under Organization Type.
  • Select the library system name and type the branch name and address.
  • Include the public library contact name and email in the Notes field.

  • The loan period on most kits is two weeks, except for book club kits which have a 6-month loan period.
  • Kits are delivered via SCLENDS or FedEx. Return labels will be provided. Richland and Lexington libraries receive the kits via their county couriers. You may also arrange to pick up kits at the State Library during normal business hours.
  • Travel time for kits is 1-3 business days; please allow for delays when planning your program.

Borrowers assume responsibility for broken, lost, or missing items from kits. However, we understand that things happen and we are willing to work with you on a situational basis. If anything is wrong with the kit during your reservation, contact us at or (803) 734-1481