In the Library

The South Carolina State Library plays a multifaceted role in serving the needs of South Carolina. We offer various programs and services for the state and people of South Carolina including library development and advocacy, talking book services, state and federal document depositories, and much more. Beyond our administrative functions, we also serve as a traditional library, complete with public spaces and diverse collections. We invite you to visit our library and explore our exhibits, displays, and the contents of our shelves. Our doors are open to the public on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding holidays.


Let's Celebrate Art

During the months of March and April each year, the South Carolina State Library Talking Book Services Department offers a fine arts creative outlet for blind and visually impaired students in our state.

Display Case

The Charleston Mercury

The South Carolina State Library occasionally features oversized volumes from the A. S. Salley and Rare Book Collections. Be sure to check out the current display featuring the October-December 1861 volume of The Charleston Mercury.

On the Shelves

Black Music Month

June is Black Music Month, a time dedicated to honoring and celebrating the rich legacy and profound influence of Black musicians across all genres.