Information for Depository Libraries

The State Documents Depository System was established by state law (S.C. Code Ann. ยงยง 60-2-10 to -30) in 1982. This law provides definitions regarding the depository system, and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the State Library, depositories, and state agencies.

Electronic Resources

Depository Library Manual

The Depository Library Manual assists state agencies in complying with the state document depository law. It describes the South Carolina Documents Depository Program and presents guidelines for the deposit of publications.

SC State Documents Depository Logos

For download of State Library brand images, official logos can be found near the bottom of this page:

SC State Documents Depository Logos


Questions about the depository system or state documents distributed to the depositories may be directed to Sheila Dorsey, Government Documents Librarian,, (803) 734-7065.