State Library Introduces New Catalog


On Thursday, May 28, the SC State Library will go live with SC LENDS. SC LENDS (SC Library Evergreen Network Delivery System) is a group of SC libraries that have joined forces to move to an open source library computer system (Evergreen) and share resources.

What does that mean to you as a South Carolina State Library patron?

  • It means that by December of this year when all 10 of the pilot libraries come online with SC LENDS, you will have access through your SCSL State Library card to more than 2 million items, including books, videos, audiotapes and more.
  • It means that you’ll see a change in the way the online catalog looks. There are many new features in the online public catalog. Many of these features are only available after you log into the "My Account" feature.
  • You will need to establish a password the first time you access "My Account".
    • Click on My Account. It is located at the bottom of the initial screen or on the left navigation pane after the initial screen. You will get a security page the first time. Just click through it.
    • Enter your SCSL library card 13-digit barcode number in the Username space.
    • Enter the same barcode number in the Password space. Click on Login.
    • The first time you log on to "My Account", you’ll be prompted to change your password to a number/letter combination of your choosing. Your password must be at least 7 alpha-numeric digits long. It is case-sensitive.

For more information about SC LENDS, see the South Carolina State Library website at or call the State Library at 803-734-8026.