Read Eat Grow Kickoff Event to be held September 26, 2019

The South Carolina State Library is offering a fresh perspective on library services like reading through the lens of family nutrition, food choices, and cooking. People of all ages can enjoy reading, hearing and learning about new foods and culinary adventures in the always unexpected public library! Join us for the Read Eat Grow Kickoff Event at the Columbia Convention Center on September 26, 2019, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Register for this FREE event today!

REG programs raise awareness of nutritional issues and show how to tie in reading with selecting healthy foods and preparing meals for family members of all ages.  Enjoyable and educational workshops teach everyone about food preparation, kitchen safety, recipe reading, math and science in the kitchen, and appreciating our diverse neighbors.   

State Library programs include:

  • SC Plants the Seed - Public libraries bring farmers to showcase and sell local produce at affordable rates to SNAP beneficiaries and give away books to children.    
  • Kitchens-in-a-Box are available for public libraries to conduct workshops on cooking and menu planning.  
  • Charlie Cart and CeCe are portable kitchens that visit libraries for cooking demos and nutrition talks
  • Health and wellness information online from the National Library of Medicine  

Programs for all ages

Children’s programs emphasize reading and enjoyment of books along with STEM projects.  

Teen programs engage young people, giving them a voice and a space in which to create. Teens learn skills like food choices, kitchen safety, and recipe reading. Teamwork and leadership skills are stressed.

Family programs

Adults master new skills in the kitchen and solve the daily problem of planning and preparing healthy meals, often with a cultural emphasis or aimed at removing barriers for those with disabilities.  Parents can engage with their children in creative and fun multi-generational cooking lessons, filled with print and numerical literacy elements. 

For librarians and their patrons:  South Carolina residents are curious about new food and health trends.  REG training for librarians helps them to offer public programs:

    • For diverse audiences, drawing links between cultures through enjoyable eating experiences
    • Accessible to those with differing abilities 
    • Engaging with community partners for ongoing programs  

Libraries also have access to the SC State Library’s online resources and links for the concepts and programs offered at the Read, Eat, Grow LibGuide.   

REG Services and Events

All Read Eat Grow activities, events and services are free to the public and library audiences.  A calendar of workshops, Charlie Cart visits and other activities will be posted on the State Library’s website in late 2019.  Contact the REG team for information about upcoming learning opportunities or to ask how your library or organization can get involved.

REG Program Team

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