Culturally Relevant Practices for Classroom Management - LibraryVoicesSC Podcast Episode 56

Educating African American Students book cover image

Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses educating African-American students and more with Dr. Gloria Swindler Boutte and Dr. Erin Miller. Dr. Boutte is a Professor at the USC College of Education’s Instruction and Teacher Education Department. She is the author of three books, has received more than $1.7M in grants, has more than 87 publications, and has presented her work internationally in China, Africa, Australia, South America, and Canada. She has served as a Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Scholar at several universities in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Erin Miller is an Assistant Professor of Language and Diversity in the Reading and Elementary Education Department at UNC Charlotte. She teaches undergraduate courses in elementary language arts methods and diversity in urban education.  She is currently serving as chair of the Early Childhood Education Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English and investigating signs and symbols of whiteness with elementary aged children. Listen online at PodbeanStitcher, or TuneIn Radio today!