Beauty and Bounty

Several interesting documents were received in the State Library during December.  An especially beautiful volume from the Library of Congress.

Aeronautical and astronautical resources of the Library of Congress: a comprehensive guide, (LC 1.6/4:AE 8) includes a title by title review of domestic and foreign book holdings surveying the history of the subjects.  However, the volume is not just about the book holdings; it includes references to specific articles or items in serials, periodicals, biographies, bibliographies, chronologies, conference proceedings, exhibition catalogs, monographs, indexes, society publications, music, geographies and maps, and veteran histories.  The photographs are beautiful.

Fuel Economy Guide (E 1.8/5:2008) has comparative information on 2008 model vehicles.  See the “Beyond the Lions” blog on this resource, or view at

Occupational injuries and illnesses:  counts, rates and characteristics 2003  (L2.3/11:2003) is the latest issue of this Bureau of Labor publication.  It includes a collection of tabulations from the 2003 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses.

Civics and Citizenship Toolkit (HS 8.2:C49/2) is a collection of resources for immigrants.  It contains various formats of educational materials for learning about the U.S.  The kit would be useful for teachers also.  Materials are also available on the Internet at

From our state agencies we received new issues of South Carolina Wildlife, Market Bulletin, South Carolina Workforce Trends, and Business Opportunities. Current issues of these publications are in the Periodicals area of the Reading Room of the Library.  Other documents include:

State of South Carolina Travel Report 2006-2007 (C 7395 3.T61-2),

South Carolina Criminal and Juvenile Justice Trends 2007 (P 9602JS 2.C64) (Includes statistics on crime rates, arrests, courts, inmates, probationers, parolees.  Also available at the SCDPS website).

Report from the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Task Force 2007-2008 (A3ED832 8.R36-5) (Includes comments on policies, teacher loan program, PACE, Career Changers Program, vacancies by subject, NBCT by county, and minimum salaries by county.

Historical Analyses (B8595B 7.H47) (An annual compilation of analyses of revenue appropriations and expenditures through 10/31/2007).

All state agency employees are reminded that the State Library is to receive copies of all publications, print and/or electronic.  For more information on any of the titles listed here or on the South Carolina Depository Program, contact Elaine Sandberg, Government Documents Librarian at the State Library.


Upcoming Event

Photo of Queen Quet

Queen Quet and her Children's Books

June 29, 2024, 11:00 AM

Join us at the South Carolina Center for the Book for an author talk featuring Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation , as she returns to the South Carolina State Library in Columbia, SC, in celebration of Black Music Month and her children's books. Queen Quet will present from her children's books and engage everyone in an interactive Gullah/Geechee presentation. A book signing will follow.