State Agency Names & Call Numbers

The following state agency names history was first compiled during 2000 by the Information Services staff at the South Carolina State Library and updated in 2014. Any changes and/or corrections should be directed to The list is not meant to be a history of the agency, but a convenient guide to the current and previous agency names.

SC State Documents Call Numbers

The following is a list of South Carolina state agencies, selected agency divisions, institutes of higher education, and their assigned South Carolina State Library call number. Use the call number to search for SC state documents and links in the South Carolina State Library’s online catalog, SCLENDS.

State Agency, Division, or Public Institute of Higher Learning Call Number
Accident Fund, State Ac25
Accountancy, Board of (LLR) L114PA
Accident Fund, State Ac25
Adjutant General Ad495
Administrative Law Court A65
Aeronautics Division C736A
Agency Mail (General Services Division) None Assigned - B8595G (General Services Division)
Aging, Lieutenant Governor’s Office On L6255A
Agriculture, Department of Ag8357
Aiken Technical College Ai425
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services, Department of Alc187
Archaeology & Anthropology, SC Institute Un35A
Architectural Examiners, Board of (LLR) L114PAr
Archives and History, Department of Ar255
Arts Commission Ar795
Athletic Commission, Board of (LLR) None Assigned
Attorney General At855
Auctioneers' Commission, Board of (LLR) L114A
Auditor, Office of the State B8595F
Banking, Commissioner of F4905 (State Board of Financial Institutions)
Barber Examiners, Board of (LLR) L114PB
Blind, Commission for the B6195
Budget and Control Board B8595
Building Codes Council (LLR) L114B
Center for Governance (University of South Carolina) Un35PubG
Central Carolina Technical College C333
Children's Affairs, Office of (Governor's Office) None Assigned
Chiropractic Examiners, Board of (LLR) L114C
Clemson University C5935
Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service C5935Ex
Climatology Office, State N2197 (Department of Natural Resources)
Coastal Carolina University C6312
College of Charleston C38
Commerce, Department of C736
Commission for the Blind B6195
Commission on Indigent Defense In23
Comptroller General C7395
Confederate Relic Room and Museum C7603
Conservation Bank, South Carolina C765
Consumer Affairs, Department of C7665
Continuum of Care (Governor's Office) C767
Contractors' Licensing Board (LLR) L114C
Corrections, Department of C8174
Cosmetology, Board of (LLR) L114Co
Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists and Psycho-Educational Specialists, Board of Examiners for Licensure of Professional L114E
Court of Appeals J8987 (Judicial Department)
Crime Victims' Ombudsman (Governor's Office) G7461CR
Criminal Justice Academy P9602C
Deaf and the Blind, School for the D3405
Denmark Technical College D417
Dentistry, Board of (LLR) L114PD
Developmental Disabilities Council (Governor's Office) G7461HD
Disabilities and Special Needs, Department of D6302
Economic Advisors, Board of (Budget and Control Board) B8595E
Economic Opportunity (Governor's Office) None Assigned
Education Lottery Commission L917
Education Oversight Committee A3Ed832
Education, Department of Ed8332
Educational Television Network (ETV) Ed8368
Election Commission Ele255
Emergency Management Division Ad495Em
Employee Insurance Program (Budget and Control Board) B8595EM
Employment and Workforce, Department of Em733
Energy Office (Budget and Control Board) En276
Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Professional (LLR) L114PE
Environmental Certification, Board of (LLR) En896
Ethics Commission, State Et375
Executive Policy and Programs, Governor's Office of (OEPP) G7461Ex
Facilities Management (Budget and Control Board) None Assigned - B8595G (General Services Division)
Film Office (Department of Commerce) C736F
Financial Institutions, Board of F4905
Fire Academy L114FF
Fire Marshal, State L114F
First Steps F5195
Fleet Management, State (Budget and Control Board) None Assigned - B8595G (General Services Division)
Florence-Darlington Technical College F6625
Foresters, Board of Registration for (LLR) L114Fo
Forestry Commission F7623
Foster Care Review Board (Governor's Office) G7463Fo
Funeral Service, Board of (LLR) L114Fu
General Services Division, Budget and Control Board B8595G
Geologists, Board of Registration for (LLR) L114G
Governor, Office of the G7461
Governor's School for Science and Mathematics G747
Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities G7473
Gray, Wil Lou Opportunity School W6415
Greenville Technical College G8555
Guardian Ad Litem (Governor's Office) None Assigned
Health and Environmental Control, Department of (DHEC) H3496
Health and Human Services, Department of (DHHS) H434
Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission H5377
Higher Education, Commission on H5373
Highway Patrol (Department of Public Safety) P9602 (Department of Public Safety)
Horry-Georgetown Technical College H7865
House of Representatives A4
Housing Finance and Development Authority, State H8174
Human Affairs Commission H8804
Indigent Defense, Commission on In23
Information Technology Management Office B8595Info
Institute of Public Affairs (University of South Carolina) Un35Pub
Insurance Reserve Fund, Office of B8595Ins
Insurance, Department of In75
Internal Audit Services (Budget and Control Board) B8595Exe
Internal Operations, Office of (Budget and Control Board) B8595Int
Jobs - Economic Development Authority J62
John de la Howe School D3725
Judicial Department J8987
Juvenile Justice, Department of J9886
Kids Counts B8595K
Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Department of (LLR) L114
Lander University L2335
Law Enforcement Division (SLED) L41066
Legislative Audit Council A3Au255
Legislative Printing A82GenP
Legislature (Senate, House) A3 (General Assembly) A4 (House) A5 (Senate)
Library, State L6165
Lieutenant Governor, Office of the L6255
Lieutenant Governor's, Office on Aging L6255A
Local Government, Office of (Budget and Control Board) B8595L
Long Term Health Care Administrators, Board of (LLR) L114Lon
Lottery Commission L917
Manufactured Housing Board (LLR) L114M
Massage/Bodywork Therapy (LLR) None Assigned
Materials Management Office (MMO) B8595GMa
Medical Examiners, Board of (LLR) L114PM
Medical Malpractice Patients' Compensation Fund M4687
Medical University of South Carolina M4685
Mental Health, Department of M5283
Midlands Technical College M5847
Minority Affairs, Commission for M666
Motor Vehicles, Department of M857
Museum, State M9725
National Guard Ad495
Natural Resources, Department of N2197
Northeastern Technical College N814
Nursing, Board of (LLR) L114PN
Occupational Therapy, Board of (LLR) L114Ho
Ombudsman, Governor's Office of G7461 (Office of the Governor)
Opticianry, Board of Examiners in (LLR) None Assigned-L114 (LLR)
Optometry, Board of Examiners in (LLR) None Assigned-L114 (LLR)
Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College Or13
Parks, Recreation and Tourism, Department of P2375
Patients' Compensation Fund M4687
Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum P2755
Perpetual Care Cemetery Board (LLR) None Assigned-L114 (LLR)
Pharmacy, Board of (LLR) L114PP
Physical Therapy Examiners, Board of (LLR) L114HP
Piedmont Technical College P595
Pilotage Commission (LLR) None Assigned-L114 (LLR)
Ports Authority, State P8385
Probation, Parole and Pardon Services, Department of P9405
Prosecution Coordination, Commission on P945
Psychology, Board of Examiners in (LLR) L114Ps
Public Railways, South Carolina (Department of Commerce) C736Ra
Public Safety, Department of P9602
Public Service Commission P9606
Pyrotechnic Safety, Board of (LLR) None Assigned-L114 (LLR)
Real Estate Appraisers Board (LLR) L114PRe
Real Property Services (Budget and Control Board) None Assigned - B8595G (General Services Division)
Regulatory Staff, Office of R265
Research and Statistics, Office of (Budget and Control Board) B8595Res
Residential Builders Commission (LLR) L114R
Retirement Systems (Budget and Control Board) B8595Ret
Revenue, Department of R322
Santee Cooper Power P9604
School for the Deaf and Blind D3405
School Improvement Council None Assigned
Sea Grant Consortium Sea11
Second Injury Fund Se245
Secretary of State Se25
Securities Division (Office of the Attorney General) At855 (Office of the Attorney General)
Senate A5
Small and Minority Business Assistance (Governor's Office) G7461HRS
Social Services, Department of So135
Social Work Examiners, Board of (LLR) L114
South Carolina State University St293
Spartanburg Technical College Sp272
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Board of Examiners in (LLR) None Assigned-L114 (LLR)
State Budget, Office of (Budget and Control Board) B8595Bu
State Information Technology (DSIT), Division of B8595Info
State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) L41066
State Museum M9725
State Ports Authority P8385
Supreme Court J8987S
Surplus Property Office (Budget and Control Board) None Assigned - B8595G (General Services Division)
Technical and Comprehensive Education, State Board for T2266
Technical College of the Low Country T2263
The Citadel C4985
Tourism Expenditure Review Committee None Assigned
Transportation, Department of T585
Treasurer, Office of the State T7105
Tri-County Technical College T7325
Trident Technical College T7327
Tuition Grants Commission, Higher Education H5377
University of South Carolina Un35
University of South Carolina Upstate Un356
University of South Carolina-Aiken Un351
University of South Carolina-Beaufort Un352
University of South Carolina-Lancaster Un355
University of South Carolina-Salkehatchie Un357
University of South Carolina-Sumter Un3583
University of South Carolina-Union Un359
Veterans' Affairs, Office of (Governor's Office) G7461Ve
Veterinary Medical Examiners, Board of (LLR) L114V
Victim Assistance, State Office of (Governor's Office) G7461Vi
Vocational Rehabilitation Department V8515
Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School W6415
Williamsburg Technical College W728
Winthrop University W7375
Women, Governor's Commission on G7461Wo
Worker's Compensation Commission W8924
York Technical College Y824