Talking Book Services on SCDVA's News Minute

SCDVA News Minute

The South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs featured SC Talking Book Services in a recent episode of their popular News Minute series.

SCDVA serves veterans all across the state, and SCTBS is proud to partner with them in serving our nation’s veterans. SCDVA’s mission is, in part, to “lead and enable a state-wide coalition of partners to create…an environment in which Veterans and their families can thrive.” One of their primary objectives is “informing and educating the public, State and local leaders, and Veterans on matters pertinent to Veterans” ( This mission fits perfectly with the SC State Library’s mission to “serve the people of South Carolina…and…provide opportunities for learning in a changing environment” (

Director of Talking Book Services, Jennifer Falvey, says “We are delighted to have made this connection, and we look forward to further opportunities in partnership with SCDVA to serve all of the eligible veterans in South Carolina.”

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