South Carolina 2015 Teen Video Challenge Winner Announced

2015 Teen Video Challenge Winner

The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) announced the winners of the 2015 Teen Video Challenge.  The Teen Video Challenge is a national competition for teens to get involved with reading and their public library's summer reading program.  Winning videos were selected at the state level to be recognized as an official CSLP Teen Video Challenge winner for 2015. South Carolina’s winning video is titled “The Mask of Conventionalism” and was sponsored by the Chapin Memorial Library of Myrtle Beach.

This video competition is in its fifth year of encouraging teens to get involved with promoting summer reading and public libraries with a focus on the CSLP 2015 slogan, “Unmask.”  Each participating state selected one winning video to be named the official CSLP Teen Video Challenge state winner for 2015. Twenty-six states and over one hundred teens participated in the creation of these winning videos.

The winners were announced during the CSLP Annual Meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia.

To view all of this year’s winning videos, please visit CSLP’s website. The winning videos can be used by all teens and all public libraries to promote summer reading nationwide.

The winning videos exemplify the diversity of our country and of the teens that created them. Whether produced by an individual teen, groups of teens, a teen library club, or a teen school group, all exhibit creativity and illustrate quality work on the part of the industrious teen film makers.  Many videos use humor or literary references to communicate the “Unmask” idea.  Others use more introspective and informative approaches, incorporating inspirational quotes and original music compositions.  In addition to promoting reading and this summer’s slogan, it is clear from all these videos that teens value their public libraries.

For their hard work and creativity, each winner for this year’s competition will receive a monetary award of $275 and the associated public library will receive prizes worth $125 from CSLP and Upstart. The awards can be used as each winner sees fit.