September 2020 New State Documents

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
cover image of Selling to Restaurants in SC document

The South Carolina Digital State Documents Depository provides access to publications produced by state agencies and state-supported academic institutions. These publications provide citizens with crucial information about state government, including statistics, annual accountability reports, and data on a wide variety of topics related to the state. The September 2020 list of new South Carolina State Documents is now available.

This month we highlight Selling to Restaurants in South Carolina by the Clemson Cooperative Extension and South Carolina Farm to Institution. This 16-page document provides an overview of several important considerations for local food producers selling products directly to restaurants in South Carolina, including Relationships and Communication, Product Branding, Packaging & Labeling, Pricing, Product Presentation and Delivery, Insurance and Risk Management, Certification Requirements. For more information about our online documents depository, visit our online guide.