Basic American Sign Language for Library Staff (6 week series)

hands doing letters in sign language

Join us for this series of webinars starting May 11, 2021, at noon to learn how to improve your service to deaf and hard-of-hearing library patrons. We'll cover basic information about American Sign Language and Deaf Culture, as well as specific vocabulary for the library setting. Each session will build on those before it to reinforce your knowledge and expand your ability to communicate with members of the Deaf community. Sessions will be recorded and archived for those unavailable to attend live. Learn more and register soon because seats are filling fast!

Upcoming Event

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Freedom of Information Act Roundtable

July 18, 2024, 1:00 PM

Join leaders of the South Carolina Press Association for an in-depth conversation about how the Freedom of Information Act affects the news you hear every day. The panelists of veteran journalists will discuss how FOIA helps them keep the public informed and how you can do the same.  Q&A session to follow!