Great Outdoors Month

What began as a weeklong celebration in 1998 under President Clinton has now evolved into the month-long observance known as Great Outdoors Month. In 2019, the U.S. Senate officially designated June as Great Outdoors Month, aligning with National Trails Day, which occurs annually during the first week of June.

National Park Service logoPresident Biden's proclamation for Great Outdoors Month emphasizes the significance of America's natural landscapes, underscores the commitment to equitable access to these spaces, and highlights the imperative of addressing climate change.

For more information about Great Outdoors Month, visit the official website for the Great Outdoors Proclamation of 2022.

Additionally, the National Park Service, a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior, plays a vital role in managing and preserving our national parks. Explore further insights into Great Outdoors Month from the National Park Service.

State Proclamations

Since 2008, governors from across the country, including South Carolina, have joined in designating June as a month to celebrate the great outdoors. 

State Proclamations map, courtesy of the National Park Service

*State Proclamation map courtesy of the National, Park Service


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