Colleton County Library's Illustrate-A-Book Program


Just when you thought the 3 Little Pigs could not be retold, this book comes along in a new song that's funny and bold.

The retelling of The 3 Little Pigs is done in lyrical song in which each pig, including their mother, express their feelings about their adventure of moving into the big bad world alone and meeting the big bad wolf. The rich illustrations by 16 talented Colleton County youths add depth to the book along with the use of rhymes and songs. The combination of text and illustration helps young readers obtain the meaning of unfamiliar words and provide comprehension.

Shiela M. Keaise is the author of 7 children's books and is currently serving as the Children's Librarian at the Colleton County Memorial Library. In 2008, she debuted Hannah and Dexter: The First Meeting, a children's book illustrated by Najah Clemmons. Keaise is also a professional storyteller, singer, and certified child care trainer living in Walterboro, SC.

The 3 Little Pigs Song is the 6th book that she has written in the 7 Illustrate-A-Book projects that have taken place at the Colleton County Library since its introduction in 2006. Keaise started the Illustrate-A-Book program with hopes of sharing the talents of local artistic volunteers and gifted children. The goal of the I-A-B program is to nationally publish these books and get talented youths, ages 7 -18, motivated to make a difference in their community.

All proceeds from sales of the book go the Children's Department of the Colleton County Memorial Library. For more information, contact Shiela M. Keaise at 843-549--5621, ext. 4 or