South Carolina Library Services: Return on Investment

In 2016, South Carolina residents used these services at their local libraries...

Worth this much... *

This many times...

A total value of...

Books and other physical materials borrowed (all ages)$14.5022,243,195$14.50
Downloadable ebooks, audio, and video borrowed$15.003,033,320$15.00
Programs/classes attended$11.251,173,173 (3,214 classes/programs offered per day)$11.25
Computer Use$12.003,926,944$47,123,328
WiFi Use$12.002,300,09527,601,140
Reference Questions Asked$7.002,718,195 (7,447 questions each day)$7.00
The estimated total value of these primary services provided by public libraries to South Carolinians in 2016:$74,724,516
Local governments invest an average of $27.44 per resident in libraries.
Residents receive the value of $102 per resident for local library services.
Return on investment is $3.77 for every $1 spent on library materials and services!

* The cost figures for library services are derived from the Massachusetts Library Association. Contact the South Carolina State Library for details.