SC State Library Partner in new Carolina Cooperative Library Services

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
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Libraries and Schools across the Carolinas can save money through a new initiative offering discounted e-resources and software.

The South Carolina State Library is pleased to be a partner in the launch of NC LIVE’s Carolina Cooperative Library Services (CCLS), a new cooperative purchasing service available to all libraries and K-12 schools in North Carolina and South Carolina. CCLS will save libraries time by centralizing the negotiation, licensing, ordering, renewal and invoicing elements of e-resource and software procurement. CCLS will save libraries money by negotiating exclusive bulk discounts on relevant e-resources and software.

K-12 schools, public libraries, and academic libraries are all eligible to participate in CCLS.  “We are excited to partner with NC LIVE on the Carolina Cooperative Library Services initiative,” said Leesa Aiken, Agency Director of the South Carolina State Library. “We share a belief that negotiated discounts through collaborative purchasing agreements expand equal access to information for all Carolinians. Equal access to information provides opportunity for individuals to pursue goals and interests. We encourage our South Carolina libraries to participate in this endeavor.”

“Anyone who’s been to Costco understands the value of buying in bulk,” explained Rob Ross, NC LIVE’s Executive Director. “When libraries buy things individually, they pay full price.  When they buy together through a co-op like NC LIVE, they benefit from the combined purchasing power of the group. NC LIVE reduces the overhead for suppliers, which translates to lower prices for participating libraries.  It’s truly a win-win.”

Libraries can participate in CCLS without making any long-term commitments. “The model is incredibly flexible,” said Dana Eure, Acting Library Director at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. “Libraries can participate on a deal-by-deal basis and opt-out of deals if their priorities change.” There is no fee for libraries to use the service.

Regardless of how many deals a library joins, they will receive one invoice, eliminating duplicative administrative work.  In addition, CCLS will provide libraries access to an online platform where they can review deals on offer, comparison shop, and make purchases.

Since its inception in 1997, NC LIVE has purchased foundational e-resources and software on behalf of libraries, saving them millions of dollars a year and providing library patrons with a common collection of high-quality content. With CCLS, NC LIVE will apply that expertise to license popular supplemental resources at a discount to help libraries stretch their budgets to better serve their communities.

“CCLS is a logical extension of NC LIVE’s mission to support education by reducing the cost of e-resources and software for libraries,” said Greg Raschke, Senior Vice Provost and Director of Libraries at NC State University Libraries.

CCLS will offer its first deals this spring, with subscriptions beginning July 1, 2020.

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