Amir Karami joins the faculty of the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina

Amir Karami

Mr. Amir Karami is finishing his PhD at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in May 2015.  He will be joining the USC SLIS faculty in Fall 2015.  Currently, he works at the Maryland DINAMIC Lab and also as an instructor at the UMBC Information Systems Department.  He was a Data Science Consultant for a start-up company in Washington D.C. and extended his technical and research skills through collaborations with several other scholars at Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland Medical Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Auburn University, and Singapore Management University. His research focuses on discovering thematic structure in text collections using both supervised and unsupervised techniques to create new models and applications in medical, social networks, cyber-security, and library science. Amir Karami has published work in several conferences and top journals. His work has received awards both inside and outside of the UMBC. When asked why he chose the University of South Carolina, Amir says, “I am very excited to join the School of Library and Information Science as one of top 20 schools in the nation. The great research and teaching environment with active faculties and students under the leadership of the school’s director and college’s dean encouraged me to put the USC as my first choice. In addition, the high degree of research collaborations both inside and outside the school impressed me.”  The USC School of Library and Information Science looks forward to working with this wonderful scholar!