2010 Census Coverage Results Posted


The Census Bureau has released an estimate of the undercount and overcount in the 2010 Census, providing a measure of the accuracy of it. The results found that the 2010 Census had a net overcount of 0.01 percent, meaning about 36,000 people were overcounted. This compares with a net overcount of 0.49 for the 2000 Census and a net undercount of 1.61 for the 1990 Census. The Bureau estimates that about 94.7 percent of the 300.7 million people living in housing units were counted correctly. However, they also estimate that there were 16.0 million omissions in the census. These would include people missed or people whose census records could not be verified because they did not answer enough of the demographic characteristic questions.. The complete report can be found as a Census bulletin of 05/22/2012. For help finding information on the 2010 Census or other census material, contact the Reference Desk of the South Carolina State Library at 803-734-8026 or reference@statelibrary.sc.gov.