2016 Notable Documents

The South Carolina State Library is pleased to announce the selection of the most notable South Carolina state government documents of 2016. The event will mark the 27th anniversary of the Library’s Notable Documents Awards program. 
For more information about South Carolina state documents, please visit http://www.statelibrary.sc.gov/sc-state-documents-depository.


  • South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
    INDOOR MOLD After a Severe Weather Event
    Many South Carolina residents are concerned about indoor mold after severe weather events. DHEC has compiled this informational handout with recommendations to guide decisions regarding mold in homes and workplaces.
  • South Carolina Forestry Commission
    India Market Profile
    This report summarizes a study conducted by the South Carolina Forestry Commission on the Indian market during the second half of 2015, and it is intended to help the U.S. Southern states’ forest products sector (producers, manufacturers, traders and policy-makers) in examining and preparing for the opportunities this market may offer, by providing them with detailed information on India’s economics, wood fiber network, trade flows and international contacts.ts#overlay=node/add/page

  • South Carolina Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children
    2016 Data Reference Book
    The South Carolina Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children publishes the Data Reference Book as a supplement to their annual report. The book contains findings and recommendations for action on a variety of issues impacting the well-being of South Carolina’s children.
  • South Carolina K-12 School Technology Initiative
    2014-2015 Progress Report
    The South Carolina K-12 School Technology Initiative was founded in 1996, as part of the General Assembly’s proactive approach to addressing technology infrastructure, connectivity and education in schools. The 2014-2015 Progress Report provides details on student learning, classroom technology, infrastructure & security, professional development, collaboration opportunities, and conclusions.
  • South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department
    Let’s go to work
    This document communicates the mission of the Vocational Rehabilitation Department to create relationships among individuals, community partners, agencies, non-profits and businesses. It discusses client services, business services, disability determination services and partnerships.
  • South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
    South Carolina Healthy Comprehensive Planning Project
    In South Carolina, comprehensive plans are required by state law and help local governments define their vision for future growth and change. The SC Healthy Comprehensive Planning Project began as an opportunity to address healthy eating and active living through community planning on a statewide scale. The evaluation results included in this document create a baseline measurement of healthy eating and active living principles in county comprehensive plans across the state.nts.


  • Santee Cooper
    South Carolina Public Service Authority
    Power Source
    Santee Cooper publishes PowerSource, a corporate quarterly magazine that profiles the many ways Santee Cooper and employees work to full the mission of improving the quality of life for South Carolinians.

Websites and Apps

  • South Carolina Arts Commission
    The Hub.
    The South Carolina Arts Commission curates The Hub, a website featuring arts news and opportunities, resources, calls for art, research, events, and more.
  • South Carolina National Guard
    South Carolina Office of the Adjutant General
    South Carolina National Guard website
    http://www.scguard.com, Of note is the Historian section:
    The South Carolina National Guard and the Office of the Adjutant General have an extensive website with agency information for the public, guard members, and family. Of particular interest is the Historian section with timeline, history, timeline, architect profiles, today in guard history fact, and other information related to the South Carolina Natural Guard and armories.
  • South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Climatology Office
    Interactive Journal of the October Historic Rain and Flooding
    The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Climatology Office, created an online journal that includes flood and rescue images, maps of the event and a synoptic and chronological summary of how the historic rain and flooding unfolded with documentation of the meteorological and hydrological records.
  • South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
    South Carolina Natural Resources Blog and South Carolina Coastal Resources Blog
    The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources created two blogs to bring to readers lively daily discussion on topics related to natural resources conservation, hunting and fishing, outdoor recreation and tourism, SCDNR projects and initiatives, and other news and information that will be of value to our state’s sporting and conservation communities. The South Carolina Coastal Resources blog focuses on the Marine Resources Division, whose mission is to serve as the advocate for and steward of the state’s marine resources.