Richland Library, Columbia Museum of Art Offer Free Wi-Fi Downtown


Richland Library and the Columbia Museum of Art have teamed up to offer free Wi-Fi access in Boyd Plaza at the corner of Main and Hampton Streets in downtown Columbia.

A natural extension of the library's existing Wi-Fi capabilities, the signal will envelop nearly a 300-400 foot radius on Main Street. Wi-Fi access will be completely free for residents, museum visitors, shoppers and anyone else who frequents the Boyd Plaza area.

To gain access, users can simply select RichlandLibrary_FreeWi-Fi from the lists of available networks-no library card numbers or passwords necessary.

"Access to the Internet is hugely important for today's society," said Richland Library Executive Director Melanie Huggins. "We're elated to offer accessibility right in the heart of the Business Improvement District, and excited to move forward with our plans to extend Internet access to other community gathering places."

Richland Library currently offers free Wi-Fi at each of its 11 locations throughout the county. With learning labs and numerous other technology-based projects in the works, the library is also exploring two additional hot-spot locations in the lower and upper portions of Richland County.

For more information about the library's digital resources, stop by any of its 11 locations or visit