Augusta Genealogical Society to offer seminar and lectures September 9, 2017

Augusta Genealogical Society seal
The Augusta Genealogical Society will present professional genealogist J. Mark Lowe on Saturday, September 9, as AGS celebrates the 38th anniversary of the founding of the Society. The seminar will include four lectures by Lowe, who describes himself as a full-time professional author and lecturer specializing in original records and manuscripts. “Research: The Tie That Binds Genealogists” - Speaker J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA will present lectures on these topics: 

  • The Migration Triangle: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee. Discover what prompted our ancestors to follow the Migration Triangle and continue westward. Learn the paths they followed and the process for finding these elusive travelers.
  • Out on a Limb, Trapped by Bad Research - Feeling trapped with nowhere to go? Bad, weak, or missing evidence all contribute to misleading research. Review your re-search findings, sharpen your techniques, evaluate your sources, and map a new course.
  • Land Barons or Dirt Farmers: Finding Land Transactions - Following the land will often identify the ancestor and family. Learn how to trace an individual through property records and how to trace a specific property.
  • Dower, Dowry, and Detinue: Women and Their Men’s Property - Understanding how the legal system looked at our female ancestors is essential to following their records. Learn the terminolo-gy, the record types, and strategies for finding the answers.
Why the AGS Seminar is called “Homecoming”
Registration for Homecoming is open to both AGS members and non-members. The event celebrates the founding of the Augusta Genealogical Society in 1979 in an area of Georgia with a large military base, a huge medical complex, and universities and industries with national ties. Homecoming may mean coming to search for your family roots in a region with history to colonial settlement. It may also mean returning to your AGS family of members and friends for an annual visit. Bring your genealogical enthusiasm to our 38th anniversary, an opportunity for all family researchers. The AGS Adamson Library, 1109 Broad St., Augusta, is open on Friday from 10 AM-4 PM and on Sunday 2-5 PM for attendees to do local research.