Audiopoint's New Voice Terminal Service Breaks the Silence of the Internet


Text-to-Voice Service translates Web content over telephone. Designed for visually impaired users or those with limited internet access, Voice Terminal Service (VTS) provides instant access to user-defined Internet content in real-time over ordinary landline or mobile phone. It combines Internet surfing capabilities and email access with Notifier service for anytime, anywhere functionality. Taking advantage of text-to-speech technology, subscribers can listen to and respond to email messages, surf Web, and access real-time Web content.

Audiopoint's New Voice Terminal Service Breaks the Silence of the Internet

VTS Makes Real-time Internet Data Available Over the Phone for Visually Impaired and Limited Access Users

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Audiopoint, a leading provider of innovative voice data solutions, today announced the release of its new Voice Terminal Service, or VTS, that provides instant access to user-defined Internet content in real time over any ordinary landline or mobile phone. Designed for both the visually impaired, as well as users with limited internet access, VTS seamlessly combines Internet surfing capabilities and email access with Audiopoint's exclusive Notifier service to provide a comprehensive and secure personalized data service that is available anywhere, anytime from any telephone.

Using advanced text-to-speech technology, VTS subscribers can listen to and respond to email messages, surf the web over a natural language interface, and access real-time web content. VTS even goes beyond traditional automated speech software to recognize colloquial language, dialects and accents.

"One of our customers said it best -- for millions of people like him who are blind, the internet has been silent. Voice Terminal breaks that silence by providing an operating platform that integrates email, calendar functions, notification service and web browsing into one system that makes the internet accessible," said Brian Lichorowic, CEO of Audiopoint. "What really makes Voice Terminal different is that the content is all within the user's control. Using voice prompts, users can access the content of their choice, rather than being limited to only those sources offered by the service provider."

With no software to download, Voice Terminal is accessible from any phone, making it a safer and more convenient alternative to PDAs, especially while driving or when manual dexterity is limited. Because it requires no special equipment, Voice Terminal is also an ideal solution for the elderly and individuals who need to receive important notices or newsfeeds, but do not have constant access to the internet.

"Elderly individuals may not be that computer savvy, but they are comfortable using the phone," Lichorowic said. "Voice Terminal makes it possible for two generations to connect using the technologies they're most comfortable with. Now, they can exchange emails with their children and grandchildren and keep in touch."

Included in the Voice Terminal Service, Audiopoint's Notifier broadcast system securely pushes important information to up to 5,000 individual recipients with single-point activation and delivery authentication. Powered by Audiopoint's proprietary, patented voice interpretation technology and delivered via global internet and telephony networks, Notifier is compatible with the Amber Alert system and can be implemented into home monitoring/smart- home management systems, as well as emergency response management plans. Notifier's intelligent alert system actually keeps calling through secondary and tertiary numbers until the call is answered or receipt of the message is acknowledged.

Voice Terminal Service is affordably priced with plans that include $4.95 a month for 125 minutes of service, $9.95 a month for 250 minutes, and $19.99 for 1000 minutes. Annual plans are also available at $229 for 1000 minutes of service per month or $499 for one full year of service with unlimited call minutes. In addition, Audiopoint will provide its VTS service free to all visually-impaired U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For information on other service options, visit or call 1-866-545-1560.

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