Public Services Librarian - Adult Programming Emphasis

Company Name: 
Georgetown County Library
Waccamaw Neck Branch Library
Job Description: 

POSITION: Public Services Librarian (Adult Programming Emphasis) DEPARTMENT: Georgetown County Library (Waccamaw Neck Branch) GRADE: 127 SALARY: Minimum starting salary of $39,971 FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITY This 40-hour-per week full-time person reports to the Waccamaw Neck Branch Library Manager. Responsibilities include the following work: • Help develop, coordinate, present, evaluate, and publicize adult programs that feature the arts, performing arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences and other topics countywide but especially on the Waccamaw Neck • Coordinate with teen and children’s programming where applicable • Present and provide some direct programming outreach to community centers, nursing homes, and other special venues especially on the Waccamaw Neck • Complement efforts by the Public Services Librarian in Georgetown related to digital arts creations, special projects, Web2.0 productions, and other related duties • Cultivate, organize, and maintain partnerships and relationships with area art and performing arts agencies, museums, nonprofits, schools, governmental bodies and other similar entities to provide effective public access to a broad range of cultural and civic programs • Assist programming efforts by Friends of the Library groups countywide but especially on the Waccamaw Neck • Increase money for library programming through successful grant applications and fundraising to stimulate the community’s civic and cultural engagement KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS REQUIRED Demonstrated ability to do the following: • Manage complex projects • Initiate, plan, and conduct a variety of programs and activities to encourage the use of the library by adults of all socio-economic backgrounds • Set up events with one’s own hands and take down chairs, tables, and props afterwards • Organize one’s personal life to be available professionally when needed – especially rather regularly on evenings and weekends – in a dynamic, busy, changing environment • Use entrepreneurial abilities to accomplish many results with very limited resources • Obtain programming money from grants, donors, and other sources • Serve on committees as needed while collaborating well with others • Work with Friends of the Library groups and other supporters • Employ technology to create a mailing list and a community calendar and to collaborate with and to mirror some of the work of the library’s marketing team: digital arts, publicity, etc. • Generate reports and statistical records, as required, and communicate effectively in writing Personal attributes should include the ability to lead and to interact with project teams in the following ways: receive and give constructive criticism; communicate to ensure the program vision is fulfilled; collaborate to create innovative ideas for new concepts or existing program issues; and document clearly ideas, concepts, and technical details. In general, the person in this position must be a serious, dependable, detail-oriented self-starter able to handle multiple tasks while adhering strictly to assigned work schedules and productivity expectations. This person must also be able to convey to the general public a passionate and enthusiastic attitude about work functions and responsibilities.


EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE Bachelor’s Degree, higher academic education degree, or any similar combination of skills and experience preferred in the arts, performing arts, humanities, communications, events management, or related fields along with considerable experience in working well with adults. Experience in managing special projects and in planning and presenting adult programming and events would also strengthen an application significantly. A valid driver’s license is necessary.

How to Apply: 

Qualified persons may apply in writing through the closing date to the following: Walt Ackerman, Director of Human Resources, PO Box 421270, Georgetown, SC 29442-1270