Front-End Developer

Company Name: 
Richland Library
Columbia, SC
Job Description: 

Richland Library is seeking a talented Front-end Developer to architect intuitive, efficient and remarkable web experiences for our customers. The ideal candidate will work collaboratively with designers, marketing staff, other engineers and a variety of stakeholders all focused on continuously improving the user experience. Teamwork, both within and outside of the library, is an essential component of this position. Your Primary Responsibilities: * Develop spectacular web experiences, which drive activity and increase usability. * Partner with stakeholders to determine the best way to deliver our services to our online customers. * Design, comp, develop, test and deploy responsive, mobile-first websites in both decoupled and coupled architectures. Drupal 8 is the libraries primary framework. * Serve as the primary front-end support for our existing online assets, websites and themes. * Assist in project scoping and planning activities. * Provide input during digital strategy and planning phases and aid others in adopting new technologies and methodologies. * Stay up-to-date on digital technologies and related marketing trends. * Participate in the development and implementation of interactive applications using the Drupal content management system, MySQL, JQuery, along with tools like Adobe CS4, or other tools as needed. * Provide analysis of usage data using Google Analytics and other systems. * Review and recommend modules, hardware, and software. * Maintain current knowledge of SEO/SEM best practices and usability standards. * Working with the library’s Content Strategist and Back-End Developer, update and manage the content of Other Responsibilities May Include: * Providing expertise to the Internal Communications Coordinator and IT Department as they look to re-architect the user experience of internal applications such as our intranet. * Supporting the customization and/or development of social networking applications. * Performing other associated duties as required or assigned (in support of our digital properties). Please visit our website at for further details.


Technical Requirements: * Five years’ professional experience with front-end development; building customer-facing responsive interfaces. * Must be able to work in DRUPAL 8 and REACT; with more importance focused on the candidate’s knowledge of REACT JavaScript libraries. * Must have experience developing with HTML/CSS and JavaScript * Working knowledge of and experience with REST or Restful APIs. * Experience with the administration and customization of a Drupal 8 web site; ability to work with custom built Drupal themes preferred. Other Requirements: * Passion for building a rich and innovative user experience. * Ability to move a project from concept, to wireframe, to comp, to coded masterpiece. * Strong customer focus, ownership, urgency and a self-directed drive are a must. * Past contributions and experience with open source software projects is preferred. * Familiarity with the AGILE development experience is preferred. SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE DONE: A portfolio of work showcasing examples of your development skills is required. SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO: Qualified candidates may be asked to complete and submit a coding challenge that can be reviewed prior to the in-person interview.

How to Apply: 

APPLY IMMEDIATELY at No deadline is presently established for this Vacancy. When a deadline is determined, it will be announced 24 hours in advance on the Library’s website. Please do not send your resume/cover letter separately; only materials submitted through our online system are reviewed. You may attach your resume and/or cover letter to your online application.