SC State Employees

New State Salaries


The State Library has received the new listing of salaries for state employees (10/1/2008).  The two lists, $30,000 through $49,999 and $50,000 and above, are available for library use at the Information Services desk.  The lists are arranged by agency code (found at the front of the binder).  Pages may be removed for copying. 

More Nursing and Health Resources for State Employees

More bibliographic resources in nursing, medicine and health have been added to the online databases for state employees.  Using your card number you can access these databases from work or home.  The databases increase the quality and quantity of fulltext information for employees who need medical and health information beyond the consumer level.

New Documents for February


We received several catalogs, magazines, and brochures from our state colleges and universities this month.  Many of these have color photographs highlighting the assets of our schools and include facts and statistics that would be of interest to prospective students.  We also received the Governor’s Executive Budget and the detailed Budget of the General Fund, Transportation, E