About Us

Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday - Friday. Closed on state holidays.

The South Carolina State Library is the primary administrator of federal and state support for the state's libraries. The Library is a national model for innovation, collaboration, leadership and effectiveness. The Library's mission is to optimize South Carolina's investment in library and information services. In 1969, as the result of action by the General Assembly, the State Library Board was redesignated as the South Carolina State Library and assumed responsibility for public library development, library service for state institutions, service for the blind and physically handicapped, and library service to state government agencies. Headquartered in Columbia, S.C., the Library is funded by the state of South Carolina, by the federal government through the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and other sources.


The South Carolina State Library supports and inspires a thriving statewide community of learners committed to making South Carolina's future brighter.


We optimize South Carolina's investment in library and information services. We do this by:

  • Supporting good governance for South Carolinians.
  • Providing equal access to information for all South Carolinians.
  • Ensuring collaboration and cooperation among information providers.
  • Providing and promoting superior services through leading edge practices.
  • Advocating for innovation and learning to create a highly skilled citizenry.


Values dictate the way we work with each other as we perform our mission and pursue our vision. We understand that our performance and behavior are guided as much by the spirit of the values as by the definition of the values.

  • Communication: We believe communication is essential to performing our mission and pursuing our vision. Communication is vital to building organizational trust and is the hallmark of respect. Communication is a multifaceted, mutually beneficial process, and the transformation of ideas is crucial to organizational advancement. We believe the articulation of ideas by people engaged in an open-minded exchange results in new concepts, different perspectives and organizational excellence.
  • Professionalism: We believe professionalism is an essential value and a well-trained and knowledgeable staff is our greatest asset. Integrity, respect and fairness guide our performance as we strive to exemplify professionalism in everything we do for the state of South Carolina.
  • Collaboration: We believe the best possible results are achieved through partnerships and teamwork. When the ideas and actions of all interested parties are wisely considered the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Leadership: We believe that leadership is organizational and personal. At the center of leadership is accountability for the responsibilities we have been assigned. We believe that good leadership is characterized by the ability to make decisions, take risks, and manage failure. We believe great leadership creates an environment of inspiration.
  • Innovation: We believe that change is constant in the competitive organization. At its heart are people thinking outside the sphere of current norms and learning to live beyond their zone of comfort. Through the well-considered use of new models, practices, and appropriate technology we can define the intellectual landscape of South Carolina.

Strategic Directions

Libraries are essential to South Carolinians and their communities. Libraries are an integral information place for communities. Libraries optimize resources so that formation delivery, enhances the quality of life for South Carolina citizens. Our mission, vision, values, and strategic directions all focus on these core principles from which we establish our projects.

The State Library seeks to optimize resources to the fullest potential so that information can be delivered to all citizens enhancing the quality of their lives.

  • Consortium Purchasing
  • E-Rate
  • Grants Management
  • Public Access
  • Public Library Support
  • Service to State Government
  • Social Media

The State Library delivers information in a variety of formats ensuring resources are accessible to all South Carolina citizens.

  • Digitization
  • Education (K-16)
  • Electronic Resources
  • Print Resources
  • Resource Sharing (ILL)

The State Library will provide resources and programs which enhance the quality of life for South Carolina citizens, increasing their knowledge and abilities.

  • Consumer Health
  • Education (K-16)
  • Equal Access
  • Lifelong Learning (CE)
  • Literacy
  • Summer Reading
  • Workforce Development