2017 Notable Documents

South Carolina Notable State Documents Awards

The South Carolina State Library is pleased to announce the selection of the most notable South Carolina state government documents of 2017. The awards ceremony (view photos) marked the 28th anniversary of the Library’s Notable Documents Awards program. For more information about South Carolina state documents, please visit our depository page.

Monographs (physical or digital)

  • South Carolina Department of Consumer AffairsConsumer Alert: Holiday Shopping Edition
    The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs publishes Consumer Alerts to alert the public, businesses, and government agencies about scams, product recalls and consumer education. This issue specifically provides information for consumers about holiday scams and holiday shopping.
  • South Carolina Research Authority | The Economic Impact of South Carolina's Life Science Industry: A Statewide and Regional Analysis 
    This report by Joseph C. Von Nessen analyzes the economic impact of the state’s life science industry, comprised of firms in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, biomedical devices, life systems technologies, food processing, and any organization that is actively engaged in the various stages of research, manufacturing, and distribution of products within these fields.
  • South Carolina Forestry Commission | Forest Renewal Program: Annual Report FY 2016-2017
    Each year the South Carolina Forestry Commission publishes the annual report for its Forest Renewal Program. It includes information about the Forest Renewal Program's accomplishments, impact, financial report, challenges and staff.
  • South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles | REAL ID: Facts & Helpful Information
    This brochure by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles explains the REAL ID and the requirements for applying to get one.
  • South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Climatology Office | South Carolina Solar Eclipse

    This document by the State Climatology Office gives facts about eclipses and highlights the August event’s traverse over South Carolina.


  • South Carolina Department of Commerce | Economic Outlook
    Since 2008, the South Carolina Department of Commerce has published the Economic Outlook, a monthly snapshot of key state economic indicators on income, employment, and real estate.

Websites and Apps

  • South Carolina Lieutenant Governor's Office on Aging | GetCareSC website
    The South Carolina Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging provides this website for seniors, caregivers, and adults with disabilities to connect to local resources in their communities.
  • South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services | Just Plain Killers website
    The South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services provides this DHHS-funded website for Just Plain Killers, a public education campaign that charges South Carolinians with taking a pledge to help fight opioid use and abuse in our state.
  • Clemson Cooperative Extension | Clemson Cooperative Extension website
    The Clemson University Cooperative Extension serves as the primary public service outreach arm of the University. Its website provides research-based information and education, including county office information and topical publications.